AA Classifications that are involved in the operations and maintenance of an airport Airport Mechanic, Airport Director, Airport Operations Technician

ADM Classifications that are administrative in nature and do not fall under any of the other functional categories Training Coordinator, Assistants and Aides to Mayor & City Council

ALL All general classifications that may serve any particular department Clerical positions, Secretarial positions, Management Interns and Assistants

CTS Any classification that works for the administration of the City court Court Administrator, Court Clerks, Court Supervisors, City Judge

ELC Classifications that help administer elections Deputy City Clerks, Election Specialists and Technicians

ELE Classifications that work in electric utilities Utility Electricians, Electric Utility Equipment Operators

EM Classifications that maintain the City's equipment Fleet Service Mgrs, Equipment Service Wkrs, Equip Maint Mechanics, Police & Fire Mechanics, Autopart Specialist, Shop Supervisors, Welders

ENG All Engineering, Survey, Scientific, and Environmental positions. Civil Engineer, Engineering Technicians, Engineering Designers, Surveyors, Survey Techs, Chemists, Water Specialists, Lab Managers

EO Classifications that operate City equipment Heavy Equipment Operators, Equipment Operators, Sanitation Truck Drivers

EX Those executive positions that report to City Council & Mayor, or manage multiple/different types of classifications City Manager, Deputy City Mgr, City Attorney, City Clerk, Police Chief, Public Works Director, Management Services Director

FIR All Firefighter classifications and support Firefighters, Fire Captains, Fire Education Specialists, Fire Marshals

FIS Classifications involved in accounting, budget, finance, and risk management (including workers' compensation) Account Clerks, Accountants, Budget Analysts, Customer Srevice Reps & Supervisors, Tax Auditors, Internal Auditors, Finance Specialists, Risk Managers, Workers Compensation Reps

FM Maintain City facilities Custodians, Facility Technicians, Facility Electricians

GAS Involved in Gas Utilities including the distribution of gas Gas Utility Workers, Pipeline Workers

GM Maintenance and up-keep of City grounds Groundskeepers, Golf Course Maintenance Workers, Irrigation, Landscapers, Parks Maintenance Workers

HR Classifications involved in recruitment, classification and compensation, and benefit administration (Not Risk Management) HR Analysts, HR Technicians, HR Director, HR Supervisor, Benefit Specialist, Benefit Administrator

ICS Information technology, communication, network and information support classifications Programmers, Network Analysts, Data Specialists, Systems Analysts, Telephone Services, Technical Analysts, Computer Operations, Communication Technicians and Engineers, PC Support Specialists, Help Desk Specialists

INS Classifications involved in any type of inspections (not including Police and Fire) Building Inspector, Code Inspector, Sanitation Inspector, Safety Coordinator, Industrial Hygienists

LEG Professional and para-professional legal services and support including legal secretaries Deputy City Attorney, City Prosecutors, Legal Secretary, Paralegal

LIB All Classifications involved with library services and programs Library Administrator, Library Clerks, Library Aides, Librarians, Circulation Services

MUS Administration of Museum and Cultural/Fine Art programs Museum Curators, Museum Directors, Cultural Directors, Fine Arts Coordinator

PAD Classifications involved in planning, neighborhood, and redevelopment services Planners, Planning Techs, Development Specialists, Neighborhood Program Specialists, Economic Development

PD All sworn and non-sworn classifications within the Police Dept including support Officers, Dispatchers, Detention Officers, Polygraph Examiners, Police Records, Crime Analysts

PR Classifications which promote and advertise City programs including legislative and intergovernmental activities Community Relations Director, Public Information Officer, Government Relations Director, Media Producers, Graphic Designers

PRT Classifications that work with copiers and distribution of mail Duplicating Service Technicians, Reprographic Operators, Distribution Clerk

PSW Classifications that work with inventory, supply, and purchase of materials Buyers, Warehouse Supervisors, Inventory Specialists, Purchasing Clerks

REC Classifications that work with the administration and support of recreational programs including convention center administration Recreation Supervisors, Sport Officiating, Recreational Instructors, Lifeguards

RES Classifications that work with property including right-of-ways, annexations, and acquisition of real estate Property Specialists

SS Classifications that administer housing and social programs Housing Specialists, Counselors, Employment Assistance, Social Service Specialists and Administrators

SW Classifications that work with Solid Waste, Landfills, and Recycling. Solid Waste and Landfill Workers, Recycling Coordinators

TRN Involved in transportation and transit system programs Transportation Engineers, Transit Operation Coord, Alternative Modes Specialists and Technicians, Transit and Transportation Administrators

TS Classifications that are involved with traffic operations and street maintenance duties Traffic Operation Workers, Street Maintenance Workers, Traffic Signal Technicians, Street Striping Techs

WTR Any classification that works with water and wastewater plants and utilities, not including Scientific positions (those positions belong under the Eng/Survey/Scientific/Environ category). Water Plant Operators, Plant Maintenance Workers, Water Resource Workers, Water Conservation Specialists, Reclamation Plant Workers, Utility Service Workers