JIMS 3.0 Manual

Home Page

This is the first screen you'll see when visiting JIMS.  This is a multi-function page because the regular visitor can actually start key word searches from here or the contributor can log in from here.

It also gives credit to those that are regular contributors to JIMS by listing them in the column on the right. (F)

You will find the following functions and features available on that page:

A - You can quickly enter any part of a word you expect would be in a job description title and it will be researched for you.  Sometimes less is more.  For example, if you search for 'webmaster' you will find only those jobs with that entire word in it.  If you search for 'web' you will find web designers and web managers.  Try not to use more than one word in a search.

B - Link to the more detailed research area, system statistics, and some frequently asked questions...

C - This is the login for the contributing organizations.  A little trick here is to fill in the ID and password boxes and the PUSH THE BUTTON and not just press enter.  If you just press enter you'll come back to a blank home page and it won't log you in.  Once you log in you'll get a different home page that has places to edit your pay plan, jobs, and if you are a super user you can edit the other users for your organization.

D - If you forgot your password you can enter your email address here and JIMS will send it to you...usually within 60 seconds.

E - Other links that are more for members than the public so they are near the bottom and out of the way.  One is for new contributors to join the system.  New members are approved by the current members are someone who's information would be useful to have in the database.  Subscribing to the JIMS email list allows contributors to discuss issues and get questions answered.  The information is also available in an archive of past postings for research.  The archives are available to the public.

F - This is a list of active contributors to the system.  As with any system that relies on the database for the value of the information the contributors are the heros that make it a success.  They take the time to enter the data to make it easier for others to see their information.


JIMS 3.2 is copyright 1996- 2019 by the City of Tempe, Arizona
Have questions or concerns? Contact: Eunice Brown