Joining JIMS...

Welcome to the sign up page for JIMS.  By reading the following information and applying for membership you are commiting your organization to participate in the program by investing the resources needed to add your information to the database.  In other words, there is some work involved in putting your data into the system...and you are joining in order to participate!

If you plan to use JIMS as a research tool but have no data to add you should not join!  Membership is for organizations with data to enter.  Anyone can use it for research...always...without joining.

Why would you want to put your data into JIMS?  Well, that's a good question and one that really needs answered in order to justify your time.  JIMS was created as a central location for data from towns, cities, and other government organizations so that they could review each others information without the customary phone calls, FAXes, emails, phone tag, and frustration of doing it over and over again for each organization.  If you contacted any of the current active members for information they will simply send you to JIMS.  So, the work they put into keeping their data up to date in JIMS is actually a massive time savings to them.  Hundreds of hours are now measured in tens of hours a year.  So, by participating you are saving yourself a lot of work with a little work. (we couldn't figure out how to do it with NO work - sorry)  Of course, the more that participate the more powerful the information is.

So, with all of that said, and if you are ready to add your data to the system and keep it up to date, press the button to continue.  Otherwise, click here to return to the home page.

JIMS 3.2 is copyright 1996- 2019 by the City of Tempe, Arizona
Have questions or concerns? Contact: Eunice Brown